23 Jan

Wyatt and his homework are always at odds, and that’s being nice. It’s not because he can’t do it or it’s too hard, he just doesn’t want to concentrate on more work when he has had a day of work. Which I can’t blame him, but I’m the mother, so I have to hold him accountable. Today he had a reading assignment with a recipe for cookies. So he really wanted to make these cookies, they seemed to be missing some ingredients on the recipe, but I said,

Sure try it, I’ll get out what you need and you work together with Seth.

Even though my brain was screaming,

What are you thinking? You’re cooking dinner, nursing Ada in the sling, and now you want another thing to clean up and manage!

But they did it! They made cookies, together, all by themselves!
And then I told Seth to eat as many as he wanted, and he was in total heaven:)

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