Sharing the possible news

24 Jan

I’m going to backtrack just a little bit, to around the beginning of January. We wanted to share the possible year in China idea with the boys, but are still not 100% sure it will be happening. We also didn’t want them to overhear us talking, and think that we were keeping a secret from them that impacts them greatly. So, one morning Robert says to Wyatt,

How would you feel about moving to China for a year?

Which immediately was greeted by throwing a cover over his head crying and saying he was not going… That response lead to Seth saying, of course, that he was not going either, surprise.
Skip to present time: more information from us, and time to process and think over everything, well somethings, like will my house still be here, do I have to go to school there, what about my friends…
And Wyatt and Seth seem to be embracing the possibility and adventure this will provide.

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