Lunch and snack

29 Jan

Well, all my friends have chips and cookies and candy everyday in their lunch or snack. Why can’t we ever just have something that taste good, instead of healthy stuff.

Here’s why and it’s a science fair study:
Eating healthy leads to better grades. Note to self: read this article to Wyatt and Seth.
Saying things like:

Well, I am not that person’s mommy, and go live there then.

Did not work this morning, and even made me more angry.

Wyatt: But Deshawn has a ton of candy everyday in his snack…
Me: Isn’t Deshawn always on red and getting in trouble?
Wyatt: Yeah…

Hmm, making the connection yet…

What they don’t realize is that having children made me even more aware of what we eat. I started out feeding them the best possible thing, and am not stopping just because all their friends supposedly eat junk food all the time.


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