Ada’s birth story

1 Feb

I know this is really random, but I feel like if I don’t get this written down soon I will forget. It’s already been over 8 months, and time is going faster by the day. I have Wyatt and Seth’s birth stories written down from my La Leche League personal history when I became a leader. It is something that I know I will want to look back on with them and have all the details. I feel like with Ada things are moving even quicker just because we have so much going on in everyday life. Which doesn’t surprise me because her birth was much the same way.

It was a really nice May day, Friday I believe, and I had been thinking all morning how I was feeling different types of pressure on my belly. I thought maybe I was having Braxton Hicks, but didn’t know because I had never had them with Wyatt or Seth.

So, we went about our day normally, told the boys what to expect if baby was going to arrive soon, just in case. We didn’t want them to be scared if someone else picked them up from school or whatnot. I picked Seth up from preschool still feeling weird pressure, but wanting to enjoy the weather, we went to a playground with some of his friends. I commented on how I thought I might go into labor maybe soon, just to give my friends a heads up that were going to be watching Wyatt and Seth. The day continued like that, picked up Wyatt at the bus stop, went to swim team, ate a nice big dinner, put the boys to bed. At that point we knew that a baby was on the way most likely. We told the boys that if they woke up our friend(and their friends mommy), LouAnne, would be there if they needed anything.

I was determined to labor at home as long as possible. I wanted to avoid an IV, and all the other checks that I could. Robert was up with me until around 11, and then we went to bed after I took a nice shower, hoping to get some sleep before my labor really kicked in. That idea worked for him, I heard snores and just wished I could get that comfortable knowing what lie ahead could be long and tiring. Sleep was not happening for me, so I started timing my contractions which were still pretty far apart, about 8 minutes. I was growing increasingly uncomfortable, so I decided to get up and do chores! I folded laundry and cleaned the kitchen while having and timing contractions. At this point I think they were about 5-8 minutes apart, but I was having to stop and breathe through them. I finished my chores, and decided maybe it was time to wake Robert up and gather everything together.

Around 2 o’clock is when we called the doctor, and LouAnne to get this started into motion. I knew my contractions were getting more intense and closer, but they still seemed random at times. This was a false sense of time, looking back at how quickly things started moving next. Luckily, LouAnne checked her phone and came over a little before 3, my contractions were very close and strong, she was calm, but later I found out she was about to throw me in the car, really worried about having to deliver a baby. The doctor still had not called back, but we were on our way to the hospital, which is only about two miles away. I was not thrilled about having a contraction in the car, but I did. I had one before I got in the car, in the car, and as soon as we parked, yes, they were getting extremely close and strong, um, can you say transition…

While checking in I was feeling the urge to start pushing, but breathing through them while filing out paperwork and either peeing or leaking fluid, not sure which. The receptionist offered me a wheelchair, really, are you serious!. I distinctly remember Robert asking what year Seth was born, and getting cross because I was mid contraction, how dare he not remember that.

Finally, we headed back to labor and delivery. Oops, no time for IV, barely time for baby monitor, threw on a gown. I was really feeling the need to push, and the nurse was really feeling the need to have me lie down to check my cervix. Yep, almost time, just try to breathe through a few more aka we are stalling so the doctor can be here. I was up on all fours, commented on how I felt like a farm animal or camel, apologizing for the mess. The nurse was so sweet and encouraging, saying how strong I was and couldn’t believe I could do this drug free, you must be made to have babies. Robert was frantically trying to set up my music in between contractions, somehow he did it.

Enter doctor, she really wanted me to lie down, which I really didn’t want but did because baby was coming, pushing time. I think I pushed a couple of times, this to me is the easy part, the light at the end, gratification of holding your new baby soon easy. And baby was out, and held up for a second then right onto my chest. I thought I had another boy, and even said,

Awe another boy!

Robert proceeded to laugh and the doctor said she must not have held her up long enough. I had my precious Ada. Okay, so from leaving our home at around 3:00, to holding Ada at 3:43, yep fast! She was able to latch on right away when I was delivering the placenta and getting stitched up. They let her nurse for as long as I wanted, the baby nurse made up her apgar numbers. Probably an hour after her delivery they weighed her and took her vitals for all the record keeping.

She was, of course, perfect!


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