Sibling rivalry

4 Feb

I can honestly say I totally get why my parents kept threatening to get my sister and I boxing gloves growing up. One minute Wyatt and Seth are playing a game they just made up together, then the next I hear screaming and punching. What is up with that? I’ve read the book Siblings without Rivalry when I was pregnant with Seth. Obviously, it hasn’t helped, or I can’t imagine how it would be if I hadn’t read it and tried some of the strategies. Maybe I need to reread it! Wyatt seems to know every button to push with Seth and is verbally relentless. Seth gets frustrated and then wails on Wyatt, other times he cries about how mean Wyatt is acting. I’m not sure which is worse, but I need a solution. We are going to have a family meeting tonight, which is suppose to be about bedtime, maybe we can throw in being nice to our family, too!

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