Sleeping arrangements

5 Feb

A hot topic in our house lately has been sleep, and where everyone does it.

Before Wyatt was born I thought I would not bed share. We bought a bedside bassinet and used it for one night, hmm…
Robert built a beautiful crib from scratch, it turned out to be a beautiful toy basket. We did take one side rail off and use it as a co-sleeper for a bit with Seth, hmm…
For Ada we didn’t even get any of that out of the attic, except to Craigslist it, hmm…
Our current sleeping dilemma:
Wyatt wakes up at the crack before dawn, like 5:30. Then comes in to snuggle with someone. Chain reaction starts, waking Seth up, who has been sleeping in a nest on our floor. Poor Seth claims he has horrible werewolf and snake nightmares if he isn’t sleeping with someone. Of course, chain reaction continues, and Ada wakes up. During all this both Robert and I are up even though we are pretending to sleep. After our family meeting last night the following sleep solutions went into effect:
•Wyatt can not go into anyone’s room until 7:30.
•Seth has to be moved to his room and if he needs to return to the nest he can quietly.
•Ada sleeps with us, obviously.
Safe co-sleeping ideas can be found on James McKenna’s site.
Wish us luck! I keep hinting to Robert that we just need this—>



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