Ada at a Glance

6 Feb

Ada can say mama, mmmm, mom!!! Not sure if it is intentional, but I’ll take it. She also said bwah bwah the other day, which to me totally sounded like brother.

She is army crawling, arm and two knee scoot crawling, and going from crawl to sit position.

Ada’s current favorite food, I would say are mandarin oranges or cuties. She has been feeding herself a variety of things at dinner time.

Good morning is usually at around 7, and bed time is the same. She takes two naps during the day. Nursing to sleep in bed or her sutemi pack is how she does it.

She loves to look in the mirror at the baby and give kisses.

She knows what the bus is and that her brothers come off ready to entertain her. She cries when they get out of the car in morning drop off.

Daddy gets daily ear inspections and scalp massages.

Ada loves to watch the cats and dog, gently petting them. She gets a bit scared when tiger meep licks her feet with his rough tongue.

She now loves baths with her brothers. Splashing water everywhere with the best of them!

She is so ticklish, and I can’t get enough of her giggles. I think I could spend all day staring at her she is so darn cute.

Tweeting and squawking are still her calling card when our little birdie wants something or someone’s attention.



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