Long breakfast

13 Feb

Anyone with school aged kids kids knows how hectic mornings going anywhere can be.
At our house mornings are particularly crazy. Lunches to back, backpacks to pack, homework to finish, breakfast to eat, and so on…

In an attempt to make morning transition smoother, we made a chart awhile ago with the morning routine. I think we need to revisit the chart. It’s simple things like brush your hair, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc. The trick is that it’s all suppose to be done before they get to play.

Long breakfast is Seth’s definition of something like dippy eggs, toast with jelly, and a grapefruit. As opposed to something they can make themselves, cereal or yogurt. After making four eggs and five pieces of toast all separately one morning, I nicely said,

If you would like eggs, then I need you to ask no later than 8 o’clock.

Which I thought reasonable since we have to leave around 8:45, and everyone storms the kitchen at 8. There you have it, the long and short of it.

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