Mommy guilt

14 Feb

I have to keep reminding myself they are only five and eight. Wyatt should be mostly logical by now, at least that’s what parenting experts tell me. I guess that’s where the problem lies. I expect logic, then when the mad scientist emerges I’m dumbfounded by what has happened to my Wyatt. Seth is usually just high energy, learning how to control his impulses. He is also testing his boundaries in the family, trying to find where he fits.

I’m glad they feel comfortable enough at home to let their guard down, but lately I have been yelling more than I want.
I don’t want to be that mommy.

It makes me sad, and I over analyze how I could have handled the situation differently.

It usually happens when multiple things pile up.

Fighting about something that seems trivial to me, messes everywhere (socks, shoes, strawberry stems, toilet paper, the list goes on) after just picking up, and the worst, being mean and saying hurtful things.

All that in about a five to ten minute span. It makes me lose my cool.

After school, I apologized for being that mommy, and we all agreed to be more respectful of each other. Turned out to be a wonderful Valentine’s Day after all!

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