Snow in North Carolina

16 Feb

Whenever there is a threat of snow in the forecast all hell breaks loose. We first moved here in 2000, and were amazed by how quickly the bread and milk left the shelves at the mere mention of snow any wintry weather. Why bread and milk?

At the time, I was teaching and two hour delays were a common theme in the winter months. At times it was quite comical. One year the ice storm came, that was no laughing matter. We were without power for almost a week. Luckily, we didn’t have kids yet!

Now schools delay and let out early just the same, but we have kids, and they love those unnecessary delays;). I enjoy them too, it’s nice to have a big breakfast and play outside in the snow! I do have to make sure we have some food just in case, but no rush on milk and bread. Just emergency water and the can’t live without pantry snacks for the boys.

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