17 Feb

I have been dairy free for about 8 months. I got it in my head that Ada might have a slight dairy sensitivity to casein passed through my breastmilk.

So, due to my all or nothing personality, I gave up ALL dairy. Ask anyone who had done any sort of elimination diet, and they will tell you it’s not easy.
There is dairy hidden in everything! It’s really opened my eyes, and I read the labels on everything. Eating out is almost next to impossible. The best resource I have found was Go Dairy Free book and website.

I just recently decided to slowly reintroduce dairy into my diet. I am starting with foods that have baked milk. We will see how it goes!

I miss dairy, but also feel I have gotten into a healthier eating pattern. I also wonder what side affects to me will come along with the reintroduction of dairy. I have really started to prefer almond milk over cows milk…

Ada doesn’t have any food preferences, whatever she can pincher grasp goes right in!

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