Scrappy Seth

21 Feb

My sweet Seth,  he is the toughest kid I know.  He also has this wonderful empathetic side to his personality. He came home from school today and told me that he had tripped on the track at recess. I kind of just shrugged it off,  poor baby had double band aids and a note from the teacher about how brave he had been. I asked what happened,  Seth told me he tripped on a boy’s foot. He also told me that a little girl in his class that normally would have run by stopped to see if he was alright. Only my sweetie would take note of that and mention it.  

Now if some of that empathy would rub off on Wyatt when they are playing together. Lately, we have been having real issues playing without fighting. Wyatt wants to play by his rules, and Seth wants his rules. They butt heads,  Seth gets frustrated, Wyatt calls him a baby,  and the downward spiral occurs. There are more happy times than frustrating ones,  so we will keep on scrapping. 


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