Bounce houses

23 Feb

There is always one kid, no matter when we go, that is too rough at the bounce house play place. And, of course, that one kid’s mom or dad is never really watching them.

I am on my own with the three kids at a bounce place birthday party. Which is fine and actually not too hard. The thing that gets me is that the parent of the bully might also be solo, but they only have one kid to watch.

Back to bully description, pushing kids around in the boxing bounce house, throwing balls at their heads, pinning them down, you get the point…

Back to scrappy Seth, he doesn’t take that sh*t. So after the kid has been pushing everyone, and gets another bully involved in the pushing, pinning, and whaling of dodge balls. Wordy Wyatt asks him to stop, which was the eight year old thing to do. Seth get one of those oversized boxing gloves on and charges the kid like a bull. Seriously, no joke. The kid ducks, and Seth flies straight out the bounce house flap door thingy and almost cracks his head open. Fun times.

The mother with three children, yes me, runs over with Ada attached to check on Seth. While the bully comes out looking for his parent. Later, I saw that Seth had actually clipped him with his foot, and he had a red cheek. Oops. Too bad it wasn’t the real bully, just the recruited bully.


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