Seth’s first “lost” tooth

26 Feb

If I could pick two words to describe Seth at the dentist yesterday, they would be brave and tough!

Before the dentist—->

After the dentist—->

Can you spot the difference, besides the horrible nugget (I know, trust me)?

And really, the child just had a tooth pulled, would you be able to say no? I also let him get a shamrock shake, ahh the horror! Anyone who knows me, knows that is a rare occurrence, hence treat.

I think I was more nervous than Seth. He was so brave, after they gave him the pinches horrible shots of Novocain he sat up and wiped his eyes even though there was no crying or visible tears. I almost cried for him, then we had to wait.

My level of stressful anticipation was high. I was reading on the Internet, and came across a post that one mother wrote describing how her daughter’s Novocain didn’t work. Yeah, shouldn’t have read that.

The dentist and nurse explained everything to Seth. They used these little spoons to push his gums back a bit, then out came the pliers. I am not someone who gets queasy, until I had kids. When it’s their blood I get queasy. The dentist wiggled it a bit then pop, out came a huge root and tiny baby tooth. I’m getting queasy just writing about it…

There was a little blood, so he bit on a gauze pad. He got to pick some stickers and a toy while I paid, and that was that. Seth “lost” his first tooth! The tooth fairy pays double for this one I hear:)


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