Personal shopper

2 Mar

I loathe shopping, especially clothes shopping for myself. I love that my sister is my personal shopper at Christmas time. Jenny’s presents of clothes are always something I look forward to because she has great style, and I do not have to shop!

I don’t dread picking out clothes for Wyatt, Seth, and Ada. Sometimes it’s fun? Especially when we buy a bunch of nice pants and keep wearing the holy ones…

Which brings me to the whole point, the photo shoot. In a couple weeks we are having our first family photo shoot. It’s a big deal to me, I really don’t like my picture taken, but really want some of the whole family.

So, the photographer sends us a whole mess of Pinterest links with wardrobe ideas. Can you say overwhelmed? I have to coordinate five people’s clothing, and I hate shopping.

I thought the easiest theme would be jean. So, Seth was easy, of course, and he is done! Wyatt almost had to buy his clothes with his piggy bank money, enough said. There are too many cute choices for Ada. Robert’s on his own. And me, blah! Somehow I have to pick out something in style, not frumpy, and jean related. Wish me luck!

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