School pictures

5 Mar

I was woken up this morning with the question demand,

Mom, can you cut my hair?

Seriously? Why every time school pictures roll around we suddenly need our hair cut. Not on the weekends when the barbershop is offered.
So, Wyatt got out my hair scissors…
And I told him the consequence, and let him go at it. The result was that he cut a couple millimeters off to show he
could and that was that. Luckily!

Seth has a pants battle every time pictures roll around. No underwear, of course, and none of them feel right. This time he tried on four pairs, sat cross cross applesauce after each one to test them. After the third pair,

My bottom crack feels like it hangs out in all these!

So, I showed him where his butt crack was, and how far away from the top of his pants it was. Psst, underwear might help!
Finally, everyone was satisfied and picture ready:). Wyatt’s hair looked the same, and Seth had on okay pants for both of our standards.

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