The Seth “BUG”

29 Mar

Just when I thought we had kicked this thing with Wyatt, Seth throws up. My stomach instantly was tied in knots. Robert was still in Beijing, Wyatt wasn’t eating yet or moving, and now my baby poor skinny Seth was about to go through what I had just witnessed in horror as Wyatt battled this nasty GI bug.
Then I get a phone call from my mom, Bull died. When it rains it pours…

Robert caught the next flight home, and we booked flights home to Erie for everyone.

Meanwhile, poor Seth was still throwing up and having diarrhea. His body handled this thing a lot differently then Wyatt’s did. Seth was really good about drinking water on his own and staying hydrated. He also slept more, and I think those two things helped him. His big lasted almost as long, but it seemed less severe.

We decided that Robert would stay home and help Seth recover. Wyatt, Ada, and I went to say goodbye to Bull.

Seth now has a bit of a cold…
but we are onto Puerto Rico with everyone for some family, fun, and sun.

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