Doctor woes

5 Jun

I know Robert will read this and probably shake his head, but since this is sort of like a diary I need to vent, if only to myself.
Wyatt was tongue tied. It obviously has been an issue since birth, but we have dealt with the hurdles. A painful start to breastfeeding, speech therapy, frenectomy at the dentist, and then today an even greater release of his frenulum with a laser at the periodontist.

I was really ready for the procedure and so was Wyatt.  I asked Wyatt who he wanted to go with him to the Dr, and he said everyone. This last sentence is the key.  Everyone.  Which to him meant everyone there the whole time.

We were told to give him a valium, which I was sort of hestitant about, but followed Dr advice. His body handled it well, no side effects.  We arrived at the office, and then they called him back. We, of course, all stood up and started heading back. But once we reached the room, were told that we could leave and wait out front. Really, that’s news to me. I wasn’t told that in the consult. And hadn’t prepared Wyatt for that either. I asked the nurse if one of us could stay with him, (it wasn’t a case of keeping things sterile.) No, he’ll be fine…
Valium or no valium, I could see some anxiety in his face.
Flash back to his current dentist, the reason I love their practice is because you are always able to be with your child. 
I asked again, but was told the same thing. So, on the verge of crying, I kissed Wyatt and told him we would be right out front.
I made my opinion on the matter visibly known, and was asked if I was alright. I told them I wish I had known that we were not allowed back during the procedure. An office worker said she would periodically look back and report to me. Yes, that was nice, but really, couldn’t that have been me holding his hand???
Everything was fine in the end, but if I had know I would have picked another practice. At least inform patients of minors about your policies. I want to have all the information.

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