First impressions

2 Jul

One of the first things I noticed was the crazy car honking, I mean constant honking. Honking to change lanes, back up, at people trying to cross the road, pick your nose….
Also, the lack of safety while transporting children. On the laps of their mothers, who are sitting sideways as a passengers while dad drives the scooter…
Our driver, Tarik, assured me he would drive slowly, because I was still fumbling after all day on the airplane to hook children into car seats. He meant well, but um huh? Robert told me that he notices a huge difference in his driving when we are in the car. Much slower and less swerving in and out…

Obviously, the language barrier. Which prompted me to post on a group inquiring about a Chinese teacher. We met with one this weekend. Gesturering and their limited English only go so far. Luckily our driver knows English, he taught himself by watching the tv show Friends.  He is going to be a great resource.

The smells…that’s it. It smells good, bad, disgusting, weird, but always some smell. 

That’s it for now. I knew coming here to not have any preconceived expectations of anything. Not to compare it to the United States, and you can’t because if you did you’d go crazy. It’s a new adventure with new experiences.

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