China house annoyance- guest blogger;)

5 Jul

I think that this might have some naughty words, but I also believe this will be a good release for Robert. So here goes…

So back in May I was in Beijing house hunting…on my own. Talk about pressure. This will only be the place my family of 5 will have to live for a year, in China.

It was a stressful experience with me taking multiple pictures and videos, sending them to Julie and the kids back in the US and then doing it again for three days straight. Part of the fun was having my memory card die in my phone right after I get in the car after looking at the last house that day. Of course it had all the ones I liked the best on it. So back to revisit the same houses again the next day!

After having so much fun finding a house I was relieved at the end of the week when our decision was made. Yay no more house hunting!

About a week later I get the message that the landlord accepted our offer and we were all set.

Fast forward to the day after our entire family lands in Beijing. I get a phone call telling me that actually there may be a problem with the lease on the house… They tell me there are some minor changes to the lease the landlord is requesting but will try to settle it.

Now I’m starting to feel the veins in my temples pulsing. I am having flashbacks to the Shit hole apartments I was shown before and dreading having to go through this all over again.

Luckily by the end of the week I get another call saying everything was worked out and no problems. Yay again!

Not so fast the next Monday I get a call telling me well actually the lease wasn’t signed and I may need to go look at houses again. What the fuck! Are you kidding me? So now the lease has been signed and unsigned twice. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Now I’m just feeling screwed over since there is supposedly only one other place in the compound we ended up liking and of course it’s a smaller layout, no garden, etc… By playing these stupid games I’m basically screwed and have to just take whatever is available since my entire family is here and our temporary apartment is only until the end of July. Kids start school at the beginning of August..there goes the veins again.

We went out and talked to the agent and management company and told them how displeased we were. They promised to try one more time over the weekend.

We anxiously awaited the call over the weekend and Saturday night I got a call saying the landlord had agreed to sign the lease, again, for the third time. But…they still didn’t actually have it in hand yet. Not until Monday. Oh brother, I know this game. I told them to call me again Monday when the had the actual signed lease.

Monday rolls around…it’s10 am no call, 12pm no call, 1, 2, ok I’m getting nervous again..2:56 I get a phone call, they have the lease! Yay! For real this time.

Who would of thought you had to fight a landlord to sign a lease. Oh well, all is good for now. We move in on July 20th so hopefully there won’t be anymore problems. Only in China!


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