Ada: “Walking” and Tantrums

8 Jul

In a familiar setting I remember this stage being hard and exhausting both physically and mentally especially out in public. Multiple that by 20.69 million
(Beijing’s population, just a quick fact for those wondering) and you have Ada trying to walk in Carrefour and Sanyuanli market. Actually, everywhere this weekend: Lama temple, temple of heaven, element fresh restaurant, etc…
She screams until you put her down, no shoes on, and then giggles…ahhhh!
So not only is everyone starring because I am western and have three children, but now I have a screaming baby too. Good times!

Today at the market our driver was helping us out. He said, “Maam, you need an ayi.” (Ayi means auntie in Chinese, another fun fact, which is like a nanny/maid/cook/household helper)

No doubt it would make things easier, but a little part of me, stubbornness and pride, wants to do this on my own! I have never really been that willing to except help, even from friends, until this year. Actually, until this move to China started. If it was just the boys and myself it would be manageable, but Ada throws in a whole new element of fun.
I was thinking I would maybe like an ayi part-time, like maybe three days a week from like 2-6, for some cleaning, cooking, and laundry catch up. We will see if that is possible and fits into our new budget. The US dollar is worth more, but most things are more expensive.


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