Chaoyang Park

10 Jul

Another rainy day in Beijing today. But it wasn’t raining that bad when we left for this ginormous (as Wyatt would say) park. Robert was home sick with food poisoning 😦 so after our Chinese language lessons we went to chaoyang park.

Goldfish fishing seems to be the boys go to activity here, so as soon as we saw one they had to fish. We learned our lesson this time, and did NOT bring home anymore goldfish for pets.
After about an hour of fishing, we set off to explore the park. It was now raining and Ada was ready for her nap, but we first had to hunt for the illusive hedgehog.

After a couple hour hunt and one toad later, we could finally walk back to meet our driver.  He had called a couple of times asking if I wanted him to find us and bring an umbrella. We were all dripping wet, and Ada was sleeping in her sling covered by the diaper changing pad. I think he probably thinks I’m a bit crazy. He told me I was brave. Brave must mean crazy;)




Ada fishing


Seth helping Ada touch a fish


Favorite new pastime


Wyatt, of course has to catch the biggest one



Seth with his catch

One Response to “Chaoyang Park”

  1. Sue Curry July 10, 2013 at 8:03 am #

    Thank you for sharing your day with us. We love seeing Wy, Sethy and Ada Girl:)

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