12 Jul

So, the boys are making me crazy…..

I understand, it’s hard, we’re in a huge city, in an apartment. They are outside run around all day kids. Well, so am I, but I’m trying to deal with it by getting them out everyday whether it be to a park, mall, pool, indoor playground, whatever…
I’m at the end of my rope with them, because they are loud and have been rough housing A LOT while in the apartment. Which means I have been yelling at them more than I want to and it frustrates me immensely. So, we have started coupons again. Hopefully, that helps!!!
Anyway, today we had our Chinese lessons, ate lunch, and then took a taxi(gasp, kind of scary, no carseats, best option for where we were headed, and if you know me then you know it’s true) to Fundazzle. I’m not sure what I expected, but on this yahoo group I am a member of people raved about this place. It was okay. I would probably take the kids back when the pollution is bad again.
It was a big indoor playground structure sort of like a chickfilet times ten. At one end was a toddler area, which was nice for Ada. Then the play structure, then big slides into a swimming pool size area of balls. They also had random games, art centers, climbing things, anf of course goldfish fishing for extra yuan on top of the 50 you pay for each child. Ada liked the car push toy best, and walking all by herself, yah! Wyatt and Seth had got all sweaty, had fun, and made some friends. They said they knew as much Chinese as their new friends knrw English, hehe! Not too much talking going on;)
Let’s just say, it served it’s purpose;).




One Response to “Fundazzled”

  1. Boppee July 12, 2013 at 10:21 am #

    I LOVE your honesty:). You are your mother’s daughter. Only a week and you will have a run around area! I have faith in you. You are awesome!

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