Forbidden City attractions

15 Jul

The Forbidden City was huge, and we didn’t even see all of it. We also went to Tiananmen Square, and I realized I need to read up on my Chinese history to really appreciate all the sights we are visiting.
But, now to the main attractions……

A couple of photo shoots are okay, and I don’t say no if they come up and ask before they start shooting. But yesterday was extreme.  And it was all day, even by our apartment later that night. Robert thinks I should try to find a modeling job for Ada while we are here. I actually might, hey, it could be the start to her college fund. And people are taking her photo anyway now, for free, and interrupting our day.
Wyatt and Seth aren’t excluded from the paparazzi either. I realized after all day of people invading their space with phones and lenses that I never had asked them if it was alright. Seth told me he usually doesn’t like pictures, but was trying to be nice. I let him know to tell me, and it’s okay to say no when we need some privacy.
Here are my shots;)






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