Sleeping, driving, parking, peeing, etc

15 Jul

All these things plus more can be seen everywhere and anywhere in Beijing.

Sleeping occurs anywhere, whenever you are tired just find a place, any place, and sleep. Whether it be a bench, subway floor, fundazzle playmat, restaurant table; you name it, it can be napped on.
Driving on the road, sidewalk, bike lane, shopping area, wherever…about the same as above. As long as you honk, feel free to drive or park.
This one is for you Jenny:), elimination communication from the masters. Pants with slits for babies and toddlers for toilet training. Almost all babies are either pantless or have slit pants. And if they have to go they just go, no matter where. Peeing, I can handle, but the pooping on a napkin was pretty nasty. I guess it was good that they picked it up on a napkin…
I’m sure I’ll have more to add as time goes by, these are just the top couple.

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