Tuanjiehu waterpark

17 Jul

Tuesday was absolutely beautiful!  Low pollution, low humidity, and about high eighties.  We were originally going to check out the Chinese version of Wal-Mart, but I figured that it could wait.

I have been chatting with a mum from Kent, England and her two daughters 9 and 13.  They arrived a couple weeks before us and will be staying in Beijing for four years possibly. They are in the same temporary apartment we are, and will also be moving out to Shunyi to be closer to the girls’ school. 
Camilla, the mum, asked if we would like to join them at a waterpark. We had been wanting to get together and today was a great chance. The boys had a blast and Ada loved splashing, too!  It was a fun little oasis in the middle of BJ.
I saw some questionable bathing suits, but you see that anywhere in the world.  Wyatt made some new Chinese friends. Seth had fun sliding on the water slides with Beatrice and Freya.  It was also nice for me to have a mommy playdate. It amazing how much you miss just understanding the language, even with an English accent;)


Beach area where you can see the whole waterpark


2 Responses to “Tuanjiehu waterpark”

  1. Sue July 18, 2013 at 9:06 am #

    Sooo happy you found a mum friend to talk to:) Love you

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