Wal-Mart in Beijing

18 Jul

I really need to include photos, but three children, foreign language, converting yuan to dollars, whining for a pet turtle, etc. Seems like I have a lot of etc lately!
It was sort of a normal Wal-Mart. Really huge, with neat prepared foods section. The attempt at pizza was pretty gross looking, actually any American food looked kind of weird.  The clothes, housewares, and dishes looked like they were from the 80’s or Blair Warehouse.
Toys were minimal and you can find better at the various markets. Wyatt found a basketball for ONLY ¥329. I’ll let you do the math, yeah, it should be golden. It’s the official NBA style ball, so…I’m pretty sure we will be standing in the returns line soon.
Seth found a huge water gun. He took it to a grass area by our apartment yesterday, that was sort of funny and awkward walking past the guards who obviously don’t have guns. I always wonder what they must think of us as the boys play shot em up games.

Relaxing at the pool while writing this. Ada fell asleep nursing on a lounge chair. The boys are playing catch in the warm hot tub.



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