Chinese science and technology museum

21 Jul

I’ve come to the conclusion that our children are spoiled, and that we do absolutely too much with them. We have exposed them to so many great places, and by we I mean extended family, too. They have high expectations, and that’s alright, as long as they realize what a priviledged life we live.

Enter science museum…

We only went to the Childrens’ Paradise section, which is geared towards 3-10 year olds. I would say the cut off should be 8, at the oldest, so Wyatt had fun, but a bit advanced.
A lot of the exhibits were closed for repairs or just not up to working order. It was crowded, but that’s normal, and we are becoming accustomed.
Ada, again, was the star attraction, which today really started to annoy me. Too many pictures taken without permission, touching, and trying to pick her up, when she is visibly shaking her head no, and I am stepping to block them.
One example of how spoiled we are was when we were looking at an underground exhibit and all the animals and insects were fake stuffed animals. Seth started saying really loudly, “they are fake, it’s all a lie, a big lie.” I was so glad at that moment that no one could understand him.
Overall, they enjoyed that one little section of the museum, and it got us out but not in the pollution.





I always ask what their favorite part of any day was, the answer from Wyatt, with a giggle, was the vendors outside…


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