21 Jul

All I can say is pure madness!  Our driver kept asking me of I really wanted to do it…
Words that come to mind when describing the IKEA experience(in order of amount of time spent and patience):

Funny, Interesting, Not too unexpected
Clausterphobic, Confusing, Mental test
Pressured, Annoyed, Relieved
Grateful, Exhausted, Done!

If you have ever been to an amusement park on one of the busiest days and waited in lines for rides while also trying to pick out all the essientials for a new house in either Chinese or Finnish, while pushing a cart with three children. Robert and I were both there which obviously helped, but still come on.  That’s the only comparison I can come up with right now.
Luckily, our driver came in to help while we were checking out.  He has been really great so far!
A little side note, the only reason we have to buy all this stuff is because the f@@@ing people in charge of our visa and residency permits are douche bags. We should of had our air shipment by now, but they somehow have taken over a month to do all this routine paperwork…end rant.


Seth with our driver, Tarik


The kids on our new house stairway


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