Goodbye city life

23 Jul

We are slowly transitioning from our city apartment to our suburban house. I will say, I think all of us will miss being right in the thick of BJ.

It has had it’s pluses and minuses, but overall I’ve been happy with all the conveniences around us. We can either walk, subway, bus, or taxi anywhere. And if we needed him our driver, Tarik, was also able to take us most places, even though traffic is always crazy. 

Dinner out or delivered is way too easy. It has been bad for our wallets and waistline! The food is so yummy, all different kinds from Thai to Indian to American, and of course Chinese.
The market is a short drive and the Jenny Lous grocery is a ten minute walk. There are malls on every block.

We have found numerous parks and play areas, but I try to limit outside time on days that the pollution is too high.

Minuses were no sending them out to play without me while I made dinner. Um, smaller inside space and noise level…
But overall, I really liked the city life, at least for a month!

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