Wyatt loves to negotiate, Seth needs nuts

27 Jul

Today was a market day. Wyatt and Seth love shopping. We are going to need a bigger house for all their tchatchkes . I’m not sure where they get that gene from, Robert I guess;)
The popular item in China right now are nuts. Big nuts, little nuts, all shapes, all colors, but especially walnuts. People twirl them in their hands like a stress relief thing. They also make jewelry out of them. A little nut can be anywhere from ¥35-¥800, it’s crazy, it’s a nut. Well, Seth absolutely need nuts, so now he has a pair(or two).
I’ve come to the conclusion that Wyatt really likes to shop in China because you get to hackle. He absolutely loves typing the price into the calculator, even though he knows all his numbers in Chinese.
So it goes alittle like this, but all in Chinese:
He asks the vendor how much, they tell him, he thinks about it, says the price out loud, looks to a parent, obviously knowing it’s too high, we shake our heads, he then types in a really low number about 80% off the first asking price. Then they look at him like he is nuts, and go mid between their original price and his. Wyatt then adds alittle to his, but not much. This goes on and on and on. He loves it, and it is hillarious at first, but after all day of markets and hackling I was needing my glass of wine…


Ada posing at the dirt market

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