I caved and got an Ayi

29 Jul

So, after weeks of everyone telling me that I needed an Ayi, we now have one. Her name is Zhang ayi, and she is very sweet, but speaks all Chinese. Which is normal for almost all ayis, and my ESL degree should come in handy. 

We ALL went to the markets today, but when we ate lunch both our driver and ayi did not join us. It’s kind of really weird to have someone drive you, follow you, carry everything, basically wait on you. I have always been very use to doing it all, so this is getting some taking use to. Heck, I just recently let Robert start carrying my suitcases these past couple of years:).

Zhang ayi is going to be helping out Monday through Friday from 1-6, which is more than I wanted, but it made more sense economically. They usually like to get paid monthly or hourly, so anyway, whatever, more bang for the buck yuan I guess on our end. I asked if she could cook three times per week and help with other household chores. Hopefully, once school starts this will help a bunch with homework time and the witching hours! 

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