My gardening helper

31 Jul

We have a really nice patio area in the back of our house. It had some planters that needed some TLC.
Our driver took us to a fancy gardening center a couple of days ago where we bought a little trowel and rake.
Over the past couple of days Seth and I have been tilling and weeding the planters.
Today we drove right outside our villa on the side of the road and bought some flowers and herbs for the back.
They were super cheap, they deliver, and plant them if you wish.  For us planting in half the fun, so we dug in right along with the gardener.
Seth is my gardening buddy, he really wanted the red furry plants and was careful to put them in the ground all by himself.
Wyatt got a fig tree with his own money for his balcony.
Supposedly, he will have ripe figs in a month.
Ada carried around a purple salvia and played with the dirt, mostly.
For me, the flowers just made it feel more like home:)


Getting water from spigot


Watering all the plants


Watching from the sunroom

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