Wyatt’s birthday in China

1 Aug

We sort of did an extended birthday for Wyatt this year.
It started before we left for Beijing with the awesome surprise party for both of the boys summer birthdays. They were so surprised and it was such a success!


Super sweaty from running with their friends!

Now onto his actual birthday, well the weekend preceeding his birthday. Of course, he wanted to go to some of the millions of markets that are around. Bargaining, Wyatt’s new favorite pasttime. Saturday morning first was the dirt market, where he found a huge decorative sword for one of his birthday presents(Seth got an early birthday sword as well.) The vendor asked an exorbitant ¥8000 first for only one, really???  We may be
Westerners, but we are not stupid.  The final price was ¥450 for two swords, and we think we still paid too much because he caved too quickly.  Oh well, at least they are happy with them;)

Next onto another market, the toy market.  More bargaining, and I was able to sneak away with Ada and find some wrapping paper and tape. Earlier in the week I found balloons, candles, and a birthday banner. I would have already had these things from home, but the air shipment @#%+@% (insert any foul word you want) has cause me to purchase many many items in duplicate!!!
Sunday was a lazy day of relaxing pool and a movie. We had him open his present in the morning so he could use it.  He is a juicing maniac, so hence, a juicer!
Monday, the actual day:) Breakfast of bacon and French toast, phone calls from his favorite people, a trip to the market for groceries, and more sight seeing, then dinner of his choosing(breaded chicken sandwich, baked beans, corn on the cob, fruit salad),  followed by a delivered to your door Pantry’s Best key lime pie!

Pretty nice extended China birthday!


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