Why skirts and high heels?

7 Aug

I’ll give you my theory…

Public restrooms. 

The first time we went into one Wyatt and Seth almost walked out, and they are boys who pee anywhere!  “Mom, what do we do, it’s a river…”

There are also just the holes you stand over and everything splashes your feet, hence the high heels. Plus, it is much easier to just pull up a skirt and squat rather than pull down pants or shorts.  Public toilets in the cold winter weather, no thank you!

There is also the fast lane, which I’m sure you can can figure what it means. The funny part was that it actually was translated on a sign in English, fast lane.
Normal toilets are usually labeled, but almost non-exsistent when out at public parks or cultural site. I’ve seen one during all our adventures.

Oh, and if you want toilet paper, bring it yourself. Otherwise, drip drying is in your public toilet experience.

I think the biggest turn off is the smell and the entrance. Usually, the door is thick vertical thick plastic slats. I’m just wondering to myself how many people pushed them open without washing their hands. Well, because usually there are no sinks to do so. Or the sink is outside, and soap, hah, what’s soap.

I’ll have to update with pictures later throughout the year, so you can get the full gist.

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