First day of school at ISB

9 Aug

Wyatt and Seth had their first day of international school today, actually a half day after a picnic lunch with parents. And before the lunch we met both of their teachers for a mini conference, and then explored the school. 
The school is huge. I feel like I am on a college campus when I’m there. I think Wyatt was feeling the same way, he kept asking his teacher about meeting places and making it to the bus. Seth’s fear was that he wouldn’t be able to read. He was especially concerned about reading the lunch menu and books in English at the library. All fears were squelched after our meetings and peek in the library.
They are riding the bus home today, so I’m sure there will be some story.  The buses are coach buses with seatbelts and bus monitors. They also have GPS and video cameras. Coming from the mess up Wake County Schools had last year with busing, this year should be a breeze. Their bus goes from the school directly to River Garden, no stops, and supposedly only takes about ten minutes. 
Here are a couple pictures:




I’ll do another post on more school info soon.

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