Ayi expectations

12 Aug

Okay, so the ayi has been wonderful, don’t get me wrong.  Especially the dinners. I think we will be saving money on those nights when I just don’t feel like cooking. It’s like ordering in from a Chinese restaurant. Technically, Zhang ayi is from Mongolia, so it might differ a bit.

Everyday she cleans the dishes left in the sink, which are usually from breakfast, sweeps the whole house, wipes down various surfaces, helps with dinner prep, and continues with laundry where I have left off (bringing it down, starting it, moving to dryer, folding, putting away, whatever step). 

On some days she mops the whole house (it is super dusty and dirty here), cleans bathrooms (toilet bowl cleaning needs some work), makes dinner (yeah!!! tonight we are having dumplings), and irons things (which is really good for Robert because I have never ironed, lol).

A good portion of some days are just learning how to communicate with each other, which can be humorous and frustrating. She also has some interesting cleaning techniques, like dish soap and paper towels to clean the stove top and oven. I was told I just need to show her my way…that the way she is doing it is common for ayis to think we want it done. I don’t know, weird. I had a talk with our driver about the right tools for the job…whatever.

Obviously, no one will ever run your house the way you would, and I am not expecting that.  Robert seems to forget that there is still half the work to be done or just tweaked, ayi doesn’t do it all.  An example would be changing the beds. Since we are still waiting on our air shipment, we only have one set of bedding for everyone. So, I either have to clean them or make them.
I have had more time for playing, which is awesome. And I have been baking, which I love. Also, almost everything has to be from scratch, like breads and American style food, so it takes longer. This weekend we had meatball sandwiches and fries, yummy!  I also introduced our driver and ayi to pumpkin bread;)


Ada put her napkin on herself



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