My familiar place

13 Aug

Today I sought out an English speaking La Leche League meeting in Beijing. It was close enough for me to take the tuk tuk aka slug.
One of the first things I did when we decided to spend a year in China was check to see if they had LLL. Breastfeeding has become a big part of how I mother and the philosophies of LLL align with my parenting style. I knew I would be able to find like minded mothers and feel comfortable talking and enjoying listening as well. An added bonus was that it was all in English;). It was identical to the group I lead with, just with women from around the world navigating their way through Beijing while breastfeeding.
I did not introduce myself as a leader, but did tell the leader after the meeting. She nearly begged me to consider leading with the group. I told her I felt I needed some adjustment time and would get back to her. She is a lone leader, which can be hard. 
I arrived late and almost returned home, getting lost on the way there. I’m really glad I found it and have made this connection.
Pictures of Ada eating and also nursing at the end of the post, if you’d rather not see it don’t scroll down…;) in honor of world breastfeeding month.





One Response to “My familiar place”

  1. Danielle August 13, 2013 at 1:59 pm #

    I can’t believe how big Ada is! Glad you found a familiar place. We miss you here! But I love reading about your adventures. 🙂

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