Are we in Durham?

18 Aug

Yesterday we went to the Burger Cup. Wyatt suggested it, and I’m glad he did. It was a good time and felt oddly reminiscent of Durham.
They had a band playing blue grass when we first arrived and then other familiar music. It was held at an international school in downtown Beijing, but sponsored by a magazine aimed towards expats. So the crowd was a mix of people, kind of Durham like…
For 50 yuan each for Robert and myself, the kids were free, we got a burger and a beer. Plus, basically all the sampling of burgers you want. Wyatt and Seth got in free and still got a free burger. They were good burgers, too, the top 8 burger restaurants in Beijing.
I gave Robert my beer coupon and opted for sangria. Personally, I tasted about 6 quarters of a burger from different places and over half a burger for the restaurant I voted for to be Beijing’s best burger 2013.  Robert and the boys ate a ton, too! I think we all had a favorite and ended up casting our votes at different places.



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