Language lessons

21 Aug

We started Chinese lessons after living in Beijing for two weeks. Our Chinese teacher, Zhangning, came three days a week for an hour and a half each day to teach Wyatt, Seth, and I. That went alright for about a week or so, then Ada became really mobile and really distracting for her brothers. So then Wyatt and Seth would have language while I played with Ada.
It went along that way until the boys started school about a week and a half ago. Now it was my turn to have private, with Ada as my helper, language lessons. I have to say, I am really enjoying learning Chinese. It is super difficult! I remember back to before we moved, trying to do some home study, I couldn’t even hear some of the sounds. Now I am translating beginning sentences and having basic conversation with my teacher! 
The boys have Chinese class everyday in school, kind of like a special, but they keep asking to have private lessons again. I think when we go back to the states we will definitely have to continue our language lessons.

Somehow we even figured out how to work most of these buttons;). We’ve come a long way, baby!!!


Microwave, hehe, love the visual aids


Wyatts juicer, blender, Cuisinart combo

If you think those are difficult, you should see the breadmaker…

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