Seth’s China birthday

26 Aug

Seth is my go with the flow kid. He is really laid back in terms of needs, don’t get me wrong, he has boundless energy, but an easy to please personality.

Every birthday, whoever is celebrating gets to choose the whole meal and dessert. Seth never really could pinpoint what he wanted his meal to be, so we had ayi make dumplings and froze them for Sunday. We also had salmon the way Seth likes it, and other side dishes. For his cake I ordered him a chocolate mousse cake, and if you know Seth he is a chocolate fiend;). We also have been getting some Friday night desserts at a Baskin Robbins near our house, and as soon as he spied the ice cream cone clown heads he wanted those as well!

To make it seem a little more like home we invited some friends to join us for dinner and “cake”.  The dads both work with Robert and have children. They also brought presents, which was a nice surprise for Seth! We had dinner and they played with balloons. I got to pass along some balloon animal techniques;)

The only request Seth had on his birthday was a bike ride into town, so we did that earlier in the day. What did I say, easy to please, and luckily our air shipment arrived on Thursday, phew!
He has been getting presents since the surprise birthday back in Cary…so just a couple small things; his own big plant, legos, pocket remote control tank, and an iou tennis racket for when after school activities start.


The Friday before his birthday, I made cupcakes and cut up watermelon, and tuk tuked them to his school for a class party.  He was glad to share his birthday with classmates.



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