Life in Beijing after two months

28 Aug

I feel like we are sort of settling into a routine. The boys have been in school for almost three weeks, we have had an ayi for a month, and Ada and I are figuring out how to fill our days. A sort of normal day starts off with the morning rush, similar to the Cary routine, but an hour earlier, and a walk or bike ride to the front gate where the buses are waiting. Kisses and waves goodbye, and Wyatt and Seth are off to school, which they love so far. Keeping fingers crossed that this love continues.
Next some mommy talk at the bus stop, on some days there is a mommy and me workout class that Ada and I attend. On other days we have language lessons or playdates, then lunch, then either a nap for Ada or food shopping at the local market. Then at 3:30 off to pick the boys up from the bus stop, except for every Wednesday at 2:30 for early release.
I think Robert and our driver think I am bored, but I enjoy the quiet with Ada during the day. Or it could be that our driver is bored. When I don’t need him, hr just has to sit in a basement parking garage all day and wait for Robert.
And there are playgroups two days or more a week that I have been attending. Our days quickly fill up with this, that, or housework.  On days we don’t use our driver, we either bike or tuk tuk somewhere.
Seth has started an after school international dancer day club, and Wyatt has started competitive baseball. More after school activities start mid September, and Seth will also start field hockey every Saturday in a week. The weekends are reserved for family outings or dinners with friends. Playdates for the boys have been easy to set up, so they are happy and making new friends.
The only thing I miss about being in the city is the convenience of really being immersed in the culture. It’s too easy out here in Shunyi to be western. I think that’s why I like to shop at the local market still, even though it can be interesting juggling Ada at times. It’s a great time to practice my Chinese!

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