Bottled or filtered that is the question

3 Sep

Quote from Robert, “it’s too much…” meaning to think about. The water in China is not safe to drink for anyone, even the people who are from here. So,  the bottled water business is booming. And with the cost of all the bottles, both financially and environmentally, so is the water filter business.

What is one to do?  Especially after hearing that bottled water can be fake. People having to check serial numbers on the big bottles for dispensers. And a recent article pointing out the horribly ancient standards that bottled water companies are following. If you want to read the article here it is.

Then if you have a filtration system, you have to trust the filter has been changed on time by your landlord…and that it actually works.

Which brings me to our dilemma. Our landlord recently changed our filteration from a 3M system to Ozner, which uses reverse osmosis. The 3M was fine, according to the landlord the replacement filters were expensive and hard to find…anyway. So, now we have this Ozner system, seems okay until you start researching reverse osmosis and how it stripes everything from your water, including the good minerals your body needs. There are mixed theories on this, but it boils down (no pun intended, but we could just boil all our water) to whether or not you want to risk one of these theoretical side effects could be right.

If you read this thread you would not be caught dead drinking it. Or this one…

On the flip side, hereis an article praising RO.

Not sure if I want to be testing any theories on the ph balance and minerals with my childrens’ bodies. The kicker is that Robert suggested a certain model of water filter to the landlord, but it seems to have not resonated. It comes down to either complaining to see if he will exchange it, or buying bottled water. We seem to have come full circle, what a conundrum.


The damn filter...

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