Privacy or lack of

16 Sep

At our Cary home I complained about privacy while we would play or sit in the backyard. People would be walking their dogs or bike riding and be right on the edge of our yard. It only really bothered me the most when we would eat dinner on the back porch or roast marshmallows in the fire pit. We were thinking about building a privacy fence or adding some bushes along the back. 
Now in our China home privacy takes on a whole new meaning. I’m not sure if the fact that we are renting has anything to do with it, but I have never had more people in and out of my living space since attending college living in the dorms.

To start, the ayi and driver are always coming in and out, which was weird at first. We have since tried to set up some boundaries in order to avoid an oops I need to get that top downstairs in the laundry area uncomfortableness. Our driver now normally knocks or announces he is coming in, and the ayi normally stays out of closed bedrooms. 
Whenever anything breaks we need to call the management office, they then sent a shifu(worker in Chinese). They come and fix whatever, but we are use to taking care of those things on our own. One time Robert’s drawer needed fixed, happened to be his underwear draw. They emptied, fixed, and reloaded it all while I was standing by nursing Ada because they happened to come during naptime. There are also the sweepers, who come at random times to clean off our backyard. Nice yes, because we don’t have our leaf blower, but the first time they showed up, alittle weird.

Speaking of breastfeeding, I have had no nursing in public problems yet. Actually, most of the time, I would like to expand my privacy bubble. When we are out everyone wants to see Ada, even when she is attached. So they see Ada and me, mostly they then give me the thumbs up, vigorous head shaking with a smile, or say hen hao(very good in Chinese). If there is anything negative said I can’t understand it yet;)

Another difference is the guards posted at every corner of our compound. This is due to the fact of the high population of embassy employees that live here. It’s safe, but I also always feel like someone is looking in our front window. One of the guards actually use to sit on our front window.  We once even caught him sleeping on the job(our driver told us he seemed a bit weird), so he was relocated to another post.   I feel safe letting Wyatt and Seth ride their bikes around.

Lets just say it is really different, and it takes some adjustment. There are pros and cons as with everything anywhere you live.


I spy the guard


Wyatt on his way to the bus stop


Seth after parking his bike


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