Ada: The Proper Hostess

23 Sep

Ada and I hosted our first playdate here in Beijing. I was a little worried because she has started to be possessive of her toys. I remember this stage with Wyatt and Seth, but thought they were older. I know I was able to give them a basket to fill and hide. Those were the special toys that they didn’t want to share, meaning the rest were fair game. Ada is not to that point yet, but sometimes cries or removes friends hands when they are touching her stuff. Maybe it’s a girl thing;).

Her babies and stroller are always top on the list of things that are difficult to share. Today she did wonderfully, even sharing her favorite baby with a little boy. Just for a minute or two though, then she gathered it back for baby kisses.  I’m thinking maybe she did so well because their were a bunch of children playing with everything, and I brought out new toys for when she is older.

Another area of contention is her highchair. She gave me that cute mommy I’m mad or frustrated look, but then I asked if her friend could use her chair. She shook her head yes, and was keen to sit on my lap instead.

She already plays the bit of little mommy: checking on crying friends, trying to help friends off the ground, and passing out toys. Today she almost had her first kiss, and she was the aggressor;).

Playdates are such great learning tools. It’s so much fun watching them all interact, kind of like a silent comedy. The biggest plus is us mommies get to talk, too! (And yummy food, an excuse to make pumpkin bread)


Tired after hosting.

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