Phuket vacation part 1

6 Oct

Our flight was early, we left our house at around 4:30am.  Our driver bought a new conversion van at auction, which he was eager to drive. The boys loved it because it reminded them of Bopster’s van from the 90’s (the one still currently parked in the front yard).
Our flight didn’t leave until 6:50, but was international, so customs takes extra time.  The only reason why I am including these mundane details is to mourn the loss of Wyatt’s custom made knife he got for his eighth birthday. He didn’t realize that he couldn’t carry on a knife…thought that we always had one on vacation. Robert does sometimes bring a pocket knife, but obviously always in his checked baggage. Poor Wyatt, I felt so bad for him, he started crying. And I felt his pain, I know better, but forgot to remove my utility knife from my purse, so it was confinscated too. We are now both probably on the high alert watch list…
The flight was a third as long as the last one we were on, so it was relatively painless, only about 6 hours total for two flights.


We arrived in Phuket and found our driver to the Angsana Laguna resort. He shared some pointers and taught us one Thai word, sawadee ca or crap, depending on if the speaker is male or female. It means good morning, afternoon, or night with palms together and head bow.  We didn’t get to see any lady boys as he suggested for a night out, but did really enjoy our other adventures.
During our check in process we had a hot towel, cup of magic purple flower tea, and were given a welcome bracelet. Then escorted to our room, and given the ever exciting room tour. That’s just an inside joke for Robert;). We sat for as long as two excited boys would allow, and then off to explore. We went to the beach warning that it was just a looking, not get totally soaked trip, because we were also headed to dinner. Natural consequence, you’ll have wet whatever while you eat…Seth had wet butt and shoes, of course. Then he also managed accidentally to run into the endless pool outside the restaurant, after a warning. I guess he wanted to stay wet;)

Dinner was good, but way over priced. Wyatt picked out two live blue crabs for the chef to cook. The novelty of picking outweighed the actual eating when they arrived, too much work…

The next day was a pool, beach, relax day! Since it is monsoon season red flags always fly at the beach, strong currents and big waves. Luckily, they had a great pool and mini fake beach area. The kids also just loved playing in the waves. We walked along the beach and found a cute rastapharian restaurant with Bob Marley pictures everywhere and yummy Thai food. One of my favorite tasting places that we ate the whole trip. The wild beach dogs liked the food, too!

I’ll update with more pictures later, wanted to get something posted since it’s been awhile.

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