Almost 4 month in…

12 Oct

And we had our first visitor from the states. Granted, he had to be in Beijing for work, but we’ll take it! It was nice to see a familiar face so far from home.  Craig, our friend, asked us a question that got me thinking.

When do you start feeling like everyone isn’t staring at you, like you are a foreigner, or when does it stop bothering you or feeling weird?

I thought about it for a bit, then got busy ushering Ada around the hutongs, through the mass of people, honking rickshaws, scooters, and cars.  Then all of the sudden it popped into my head…when I spot a western looking person I wasn’t caught staring at them, looking for that ah ha smile. Also the fact that when people try to take the kids pictures they yell at them in Chinese,

Wo yao yi jian.

  Which means I want one yuan in exchange for a photo op;). I think that’s way to cheap, but it seems to stop the paparazzi. 

Thanks, Erin and Craig for our smuggled Halloween candy for trick or treating and the sweet baby rays bbq sauce!
It was fun to share some of our China experience with Craig. We visited the llama temple, hutongs, and the night market, complete with scorpions and sheep balls on a stick. I’m pretty sure Craig took more pictures of the night markets oddities than the llama temple serenities. Who can blame him, how often do you see skewers of starfish and larva…



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