Halloween Beijing style

31 Oct


This was the Saturday before halloween, when our villa had the big celebration it is known for throughout Shunyi. They decorate the whole clubhouse and turn the second floor into a haunted house. It really is a big deal, you have to either be a resident or have a ticket bought by a resident. Seth and Wyatt invited friends from school.  I was actually pretty impressed by the organization of all the festivities, right down to the bat signs handed out to hang on your door if you were handing out candy.
Of course, like any trick or treat night, the boys were ready to go, but slow to get their costumes all set(well Mr. Perfectionist at least…) I had made hummus and cut up a bunch of veggies to counteract the massive amounts of sugar that would be consumed, and had chicken ready and breaded for nuggets when we got home afterwards starving. 
Finally, friends arrived and we were off.


Missing Wyatt’s friend, he was a bit late. There were loads of people, at times it was hard to get through the crowd. Ada fell asleep fairly early having taken a really early nap, but I think she was a bit overwhelmed by all the costumes. She didn’t want to dress up, so she was all cozy in the carrier for most of the trick or treating.
We went to a bunch of houses and then headed up to the haunted clubhouse. I tried to go through with Ada sleeping in the carrier, but wasn’t allowed because there was a portion that you had to crawl through. The boys loved it! Seth’s friend was too scared to go through just anticipating what it would be like, so he made an early exit with his mom before they even entered. Seth said it wasn’t too scary, and that he liked it, but wouldn’t want to go through again. Gotta love Seth! I heard from other friends that they had to exit early,too!

After that a couple more houses, then back home to sort the loot. Wyatt had the most Chinese candy, including a shrimp hard candy and some weird gummy looking thing. The real gems were Swedish fish and smarties, and they were rare. All American candy was horded away. Then there were the dares to eat weird looking candies, which either ended in surprise of goodness or a trip to the trash.

On actual Halloween night, Wyatt was invited to trick or treat with his baseball team in another villa. Seth and Ada went trick or treating with another Lenovo family in another villa. It was much more laid back, not as crowded. Ada was actually awake and saying trick or treat! She was so excited, she would do a little giggle after getting candy, then proceed to put it in Seth, Sophie, or Hollis’s treat bags. Such a good sharer;)! She was so happy with the little nibbles of a mini dark chocolate bar I let her have from her spoils.
The funny thing about Halloween at this villa were the large amounts of older kids and Chinese children without costumes. Robert said he noticed the same thing where they were trick or treating. We assumed that ayis and drivers probably take their children, but also thought that they were kind of missing the dressing up fun. Hmm, oh well, only in China.
Wyatt, Seth, and Ada had a lot of fun, two times the loot and trick or treating.


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