Rock Gambling

18 Nov

About a month ago while at the market I like to call, the market called the market, we passed a store selling rocks. So I had to askThe rocks were not just any old rocks, but possibly worth a fortune if you picked wisely using a little handheld flash light. Trucked in from Mongolia, these rocks were jade, but different values or perhaps not worth anything. Hence, the gamble and part of the fun:) You pay for the rock by gram, and then wait while the store owner cuts it open right then to reveal the jade.
image image
Flash forward to the following weekend with Robert and the boys.  I knew the boys(all 3 of them) would get a kick out of this, so since we were getting some food anyway, I happened to mention rock gambling. Intrigued, heck yes, we had to head there first. Our driver translated the instructions or lack of from the owner lady to us, and then the shining of flashlights began.

After about 45 minutes of inspecting they had their rocks. Wyatt picked one that cost around ¥150, Seth picked one that was about ¥30, and Robert’s gamble was ¥180. Next to the saw, the owner high heels, no safety goggles began to cut. Only the first layer is cut off, kind of like peeling the flesh from a piece of fruit.

Robert went first, he was the most excited, like a little kid waiting for a surprise. Lots of ohhing and awing and flashlight pointing all in Chinese. We are guessing that’s a good sign. So, his piece is probably a good one, they will know more after they cut more to turn it icnto something. More gambling and more money to design the actual pieces. We’re game, it can be Chanukah presents for Ada and I. We ordered a dragon necklace for Ada, and three peapod design for me. Ada was born in the year of the dragon, and my choice symbolized good luck and my three babies. The designs were to be ready in about 20 days. So, two weeks ago we stopped in while at the market to check on the progress. They told our driver that they were not able to do the three peapod design due to a crack in the jade, but that we would really like the new design. I’m thinking, wait, what new design. I didn’t approve a new design. And I’m the paying customer. Deep breathe, you’re in China. This is just one of those only in China moments. It might be perfectly fine, but if not, oh well too bad it’s yours…Today we picked up the pieces. They are both really pretty. Not exactly what I wanted, but I’m happy with my necklace. I need to find out it’s meaning.

Sorry to keep you in suspense with the outcome of Wyatt and Seth’s rock gamble. They were being so patient. Everything takes a bit longer here…
We had high hopes for Wyatt’s choice, our driver even offered him double before the big reveal. After the cut was made, it showed an average piece, but with some cracking which is not good. Wyatt decided to wait to get it polished, since this was all his own yuan he was investing. Seth’s rock was next, it was smaller and had some nice jade inside, but he decided to wait too.
Robert made out the best in our gambling trio. Well, actually, Ada and I were really the winners!


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