Weekend update

25 Nov

Over the past couple of weekends we have been trying to get out holiday shopping done. Which can mean hours in traffic and trips to many different markets and areas of the city. Needless to say, Wyatt especially has wished to stay home upon learning our destinations.
Last weekend we visited an area of Beijing that had many famous shops. One of them being the oldest hat store.



We had to drag everyone out of the Beijing Toy Store. I learned how to buy something at a fixed price department type store. You show them what you want, they write out your receipt, then you pay at a separate cashier checkout, and finally you take your official receipt back to the original toy area. Like everything in China, it’s a process.
We took the subway this trip into the city, which took us about two hours. Here we are on our way back to the subway with some treats before the long ride home.

Yesterday we went to tea street. It was a good pollution day, but a bit chilly. We found some cute little clay figurines for Wyatt and Seth, and some holiday shopping was accomplished. I have never seen so many tea pots, cups, holders, fancy tea tables, etc in my life. Here are the boys in one of the tea markets.
As you can see they are all bundled up, time for a late lunch of hot pot to warm us up. Of course, the restaurant was famous!



This was Beijing style hot pot. Everything comes out raw and you cook it. It is sort of like fondue;)

Have a good week!


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